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Patriarchy Is About Controlling Men, Not Women

It would be fair to say that modern-day progressives do not especially like patriarchy. Whole courses are taught at university about how modern society and its institutions are all rife with patriarchal norms and how this is a very bad thing. Everything from fashion to judicial due process is apparently a tool used by men to control and oppress women. Which of course goes to show how progressives, for all they consider themselves to be smart people, know absolutely nothing about the world; if they did they would realize that patriarchy is not about controlling women at all, but instead controlling men. Read the rest of this entry »

Trump’s Executive Order is a Monster of the Left’s Own Making

The last few days in America have been chaotic to say the least. President Trump delivered on one of his signature campaign promises and signed an Executive Order temporarily banning from entry to the United States the residents of seven countries. It’s worth clarifying that calling this a Muslim ban is not an entirely fair statement. A person of any religion from the aforementioned states is effected by the President’s Executive Order, and many Muslim majority states are excluded (not to mention the hundreds of millions of Muslims who reside in other countries throughout the world). It should also be pointed out that six of the seven countries named in the ban are currently engulfed in domestic conflicts against Islamist extremist groups with only limited control existing in the hands of their governments, and the seventh is Iran – a state sponsor of terrorism and avowed enemy of the civilized world (whether we admit it or not). Read the rest of this entry »

2017 Masculine Resolutions #1: Get Stronger

Being pleasantly surprised by the popularity of my recent post of suggested resolutions for 2017 for men seeking to reaffirm their masculinity in this sad age of effeminate degeneracy, I have decided to follow-up with some additional comments on each of them individually, starting today with the first one: Get Stronger. Read the rest of this entry »

For The First Time Ever The Left Is Afraid

I make no secret of the fact I am rather conflict on the subject of President Donald Trump. Personally, I find him to be a braggart and a bully and a rather crass and shallow person (sorry folks, but a man whose been divorced three times is not a paragon of moral virtue). With that being said, I must also be honest and admit that the absolute meltdown I have witnessed among so many people on the progressive left in recent weeks have brought me an almost indecent amount of joy. The pleasure of witnessing so many absolutely contemptible figures completely fall apart in sheer agony at what has occurred may not be the most Christian of responses, but I am after all but human. Read the rest of this entry »

Modernity’s Happiness Fetish

In this modern age happiness is held up as the ultimate good and primary reason for existence. The clichés are all well-known. Just do what makes we happy. All that matters is that you’re happy with yourself. Who cares what other people think so long as you are happy? Modernity has made happiness into a fetish, and the pursuit of it the be all and end all. It has become the subject of endless self-help books, the primary theme of countless movies and television shows, and even occupies a line on the US Bill of Rights. Read the rest of this entry »

Liberal Democracy’s Great Weakness: It Does Not Make The Blood Run Hot

One of the great miscalculations of enlightened modernity was the false assumption that man is a rational creature. We certainly are capable of being rational at times, but we are not inherently so. We live by our mythologies and are driven by our emotions. We can be petty, and short-sighted, and often will act on impulse or from biased motivations that are against the coldly logical and reasoned self-interests. This was in truth the most fundamental flaw of the Enlightenment, the architects of which being highly intelligent and well-educated individuals for the most part having made the tremendous error in assuming this also applied to the human populace at large. Read the rest of this entry »

Resolutions in Masculinity for 2017

New Years resolutions are one of the more overrated rituals of modern life. Everyone promises to go to the gym more and cut back on junk food yet almost no one ever does. This is simply one of those sad realities of the world, like hurricanes or male patterned baldness. Nevertheless, ritual (even overrated ones) are the whip by which men are drawn and we abandon them at our peril. I’ve made no secret the fact I consider the decline of true masculinity and genuine masculine virtue to be one of many flaws of the modern world. The age of heroes has passed us and now we live in the age of the pajama boy. Below follows my own list of resolutions of those looking for advise on how to reassert their manhood in this society of degeneracy and general wimphood we find ourselves in. Read the rest of this entry »