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The Revenge Of History

Several years ago, in the days when I still had a full head of hair, as a young freshman at university I read an exert of Francis Fukuyama’s “The End of History and the Last Man” for my PoliSci 101 course. By now anyone of even modest intellect is aware of his general thesis that the great historical debates of politics and values had come to an end; liberal democratic capitalism had triumphed, leaving the cold bodies of its challengers in its wake, and while time would march on as it always had history in meaningful sense had reached its conclusion. A new Jerusalem had been built in the form of stripmalls and the McDonald’s Golden Arches, and we all would worship before it.

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Islamism Has No Race

It seems that even my own tranquil country of Canada is not immune from the symptoms of this summer of terror that has beset the world. On Wednesday the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, acting on a tipoff regarding an imminent terror threat, descended on the town of Strathroy, Ontario. A shootout occurred, and when it was done one suspect was dead and another man (the driver of the taxi he was in) was injured. At this time it is still unclear whether the suspect died of his gunshot wounds or from the detonation of an explosive device he was carrying (a second unexploded one was also found in his possession).
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Michel Houellebecq’s Submission: A Review

The year is 2022, and France has seen the election of an openly Islamist President whose first act is to enact dramatic educational reforms including the firing of all female staff from the Sorbonne & demanding all professors convert to Islam to retain their positions. No, this is not some nightmarish scenario being predicted by some right-wing extremist but rather the setting of Michel Houellebecq’s 2015 novel Submission. Having recently had the joy of reading it over the long weekend, I could not resist making it the subject of my first literary review.

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So You Hate The Patriarchy?

Those who are even casually familiar with my writings would have little difficulty concluding that I am not a tremendous fan of multiculturalism. As Mark Steyn once eloquently put it, it is a policy that in practice means that a nation’s core value is that it has no core values. It is a tremendous irony of this that the primary pushers of this policy, the modern day left, are effectively pursuing a course of self-immolation; when the moral relativism of multiculturalism is combined with mass migration primarily from more anarchistic parts of the world the end result is the undermining of many progressive causes the left holds near and dear to their hearts.

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A Dish Best Served Hot

It has happened. Just over a year ago, Donald Trump launched his campaign for the Republican Party’s 2016 nomination to alround chuckles and chortles of derision. A few weeks ago in Cleveland, as he took the stage of the GOP’s official candidate of record, there was only one person laughing and that was the Donald himself. His former opponents either no where to be seen, booed off the stage in contempt, or sycophantically singing his praises with the zeal of a newfound conversion, Trump stood before the assembled delegates of the GOP  to deafening applause, for now at least the new undesputed master; he was the leader of a peasants’ revolt that had stormed the palace of the Republican Party elders and this was his moment to take the throne for himself. While questions certainly linger as to whether he can defeat Hillary Clinton in November and claim the ultimate prize of the White House itself what is beyond any doubt is that Trump and evidently much relished victory over those who derided him as a humorous sideshow when he first entered the race.

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And The River Foamed Red With Blood

Is there anything more to say at this point? The story by now is certainly a familiar one. Today, in the early hours of the morning, two assailants stormed a church in Rouen  during Mass and took the congregation hostage. The priest, an elderly man in his eighties, was beheaded and a nun was stabbed and remains in critical condition. This was only the most recent in a string of terrorist incidents that has befallen Europe in the past eleven days (not to mention a pair of suicide bombings in Afghanistan and Mogadishu as well); a beheading in Rouen, a machete attack on a pregnant woman in Reutlingen, a rampage with an ax on a train in Wuerzburg, a suicide bombing of a wine bar in Ansbach, and a truck plowed into celebrants on Bastille Day in Nice. What words are there to describe these eleven days of death and terror that have not already been said before?

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But Some Are More Equal Than Others

It is a basic law of nature that if you debate enough SJWs eventually you will be told to “check your privilege”. The basic premise of this ever so cleaver argument by the left is that if one happens to be born white/straight/male/advantaged in some other way you will not have the same experiences of discrimination, oppression, prejudice as someone less fortunate to you and therefore are lacking in the perspective that this brings. As such, you should show your awareness of this fact by “checking your priviledge” when ending discussion or debate that touches on these issues.

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