Check Your Gentile Privilege

by truenorthsaf

One thing that has been getting a lot of attention lately has been the concept of privilege. One can remember not so recently a hashtag campaign was going on under the handle #CheckYourPrivilege. Criticizing the privileges of others happens to be one of the favorite pass times of the left. One privilege that gets almost a universal free pass, however, is gentile privilege.

By this I am not referencing Christianity itself, it is certainly one of the favorite targets of the post-modern left in this mournful modern world we preside in. Rather I am focusing on a very interesting tendency of would be social justice warriors. The university I attended (while acquiring my ever so valuable  post-secondary degree) had a very active Israeli Apartheid movement, and being the contrarian I am I often found myself on the other side of the barricades from them in my student days. One interesting fact I discovered was that I actually didn’t find most of the Arab members of this movement that objectionable. Oh I disagreed with them completely, but I at least could respect their motivations. The absolutely adherent ones I couldn’t stand were actually the white middle-class social activist types. Not only were these most lowly of creatures the most militant, the most ideological, and inevitably the most prone to offensiveness and pure vileness, they also were completely blinded to the fact that their criticisms of Israel were coming from what could only be described as gentile privilege.

Now before I go further I wish to clarify something. I have no problem with privilege. I judge people as individuals. You are who you are, not who your parents were. Judging someone by their racial or socioeconomic or any other type of background is both offensive to me and utterly stupid. I have seen many rich men with the soul of a pleb and many poor sods with the true spirit of nobility.

Our dear friends on the left, however, do believe in this nonsense they spout about privilege, and because of this they are sheer and utter hypocrites. That is exactly who you are if you claim to champion the downtrodden and simultaneous stand against Israel. Go through the pages of history, and you will find no race, no religion, no creed and no association of people who have ever suffered more vilely or for a greater length of time than the Jewish people. In every continent, and among every people that they have ever tried to build a home for themselves they have suffered and been scorned and been the target of the most dreadful persecutions and mistreatments.

That is not to belittle the sufferings of other peoples, only to put it in perspective. African Americans were enslaved, but they were still of some value to the farmers who owned them as a labour source. Native Americans were horribly mistreated, but ultimately the goal was always to take their land and not exterminate them as a people. To be a Jew however was to be marked for dead. Your death wasn’t somehow incidental to some other goal, it was the goal.

That fact somehow escapes our ever so fine fellows on the left who rail against Israel. They seem somehow not to comprehend that but for the tremendous fortune they had to come of the right ancestry they very likely would not exist. Upwards of eighty percent of Western Europe Jews were butchered in the Holocaust. In Eastern Europe the number was even higher. Those who survived were the luckiest of the lucky. They were ones who had money to buy favours, or new people who had influence, or just had the sheer dumb luck to possess skills that bought them one more day. Picture this for a minute if you can. Think of the ancestry you identify with. Now imagine that out of all the millions of fellows who share that with you eight out of every ten of them was to vanish and you will have just the faintest sense of the sheer depths of the depravity reaped upon the Jews.

If you imagine that somehow this is ancient history you would be wrong. Lost amongst all the press surrounding the Charlie Hebdo shootings was the fact that the second target of our fine terrorist scum was a kosher deli. In Sweden, along with much of Europe, has seen such a horrific rise in anti-Semitic attacks that much of what remains of the Jewish population has begun emigrating to Israel. Israel itself has fought a nearly endless series of wars since its founding, each dominated by the knowledge that if lost Israel itself, and all of its people, will cease to be.

Gentile privilege is the one privilege that our dear crusaders of equity and justice will not, cannot not, acknowledge. This is why we will never see a #JewishLivesMatter hashtag campaign. They cannot acknowledge it because if they did they might actually have to be pro-Israel, and that just wouldn’t be cool with their social circle. To these fine fellows I say the following: you are blind, you are hypocrites, and you are wrong.

And God bless oh holy Israel.