The Fallacy of Rape Culture

by truenorthsaf

Call me peculiar, but I have always been under the impression that rape is considered a bad thing not just by me personally but society at large. According to the usual suspects in the feminist movement, I am incorrect in that assumption. Apparently rape and sexual assault, far from being viewed as immoral and objectionable, is something that is in fact encouraged by our society and
culture as a whole, as a means of enforcing patriarchal notions on the role of women and preserving male privilege.

What sheer and utter balderdash. The whole rape culture craze that has swept the western world in recent years has to be one of the most over-hyped, exaggerated piles of nonsense ever to be seen. The idea that women are somehow worse off on this front than a few decades ago, when protections against rape were few and legal recourse for victims of rape even fewer, is absurd. The argument that we are somehow facing an “epidemic” of rape is both ludicrous and false, as are the provably false statistics on rape that advocates of this theory have used as supposed evidence for their assertions. The reality is that while rape certainly does occur it is less of a threat today than at any other point in human history.

The reality is that culture does not create rape. Men are not indoctrinated into wanting to force themselves sexually on women. I’ve never heard of an accused rapist trying to plead “not guilty” on the grounds of ignorance to the law. We all know rape is wrong. It’s something that every child understands from the age when his or her parents first told him that if someone ever touches them in a way that makes them uncomfortable they should tell someone immediately. The idea that you don’t put your hands where they don’t belong on another person’s body is something we all understand. The reason rape still occurs is simple, some people just don’t care.

Far from promoting rape, culture is what stops it. We are ultimately intelligent apes that have learned to walk and talk and dress ourselves in silk. What restrains us from acting on our animal nature is civilization, morality and the pressures of knowing certain actions are socially unacceptable….in a word culture. No one argues that murder is somehow a cultural creation, because we recognize that the reason why most of us don’t go around murdering each other is because culturally such actions are deemed grossly immoral and wrong. Sadly, however, there will always be some people who do commit murder, and there is always be some people who commit rape, because some people are just bad.

I certainly understand why the modern day progressive has difficulty understanding this simple concept. Progressive ideology does not like to recognize that anyone is inherently evil. To the modern day lefty humans are all good and well intentioned, a delusion that traces its way all the way back to the great fool Rousseau who argued that it was civilization that had corrupted the innocence of men. People aren’t bad, something external simply turns them bad, hence the idea of rape culture. Acknowledging that rape is not an artificial creation of our environment but rather acting on our baser impulses from our animal days, which culture actually restrains, would involve acknowledging the falsity of one of the progressive movements fundamental concepts….that everyone in this world is of equal worth for we are all the same.

And the truly horrible part of this entire delusion is that it actually endangers the very segment of the population its advocates aim to protect. The very idea of “rape culture” shuts down common sense advice on safety and protection, like how going to a strange party by yourself and getting blackout drunk might be dangerous. Say something like that and suddenly you’re an apologist for rape culture, because frat boys shouldn’t take advantage of drunk girls in the first place. It is a truly ridiculous argument, and one that only seems to apply to rape and no other crime known to man. When you advise a child “don’t go anywhere with strangers” no one argues “How dare you say that! Pedophiles shouldn’t abduct little children to begin with. They are the ones who should change”. If I choose to go strolling down the Jane-Finch corridor at two in the morning wearing by best suit and flashing an expensive watch I am not asking to get mugged, and I certainly do not deserve it, but I absolutely should not be surprised if it does happen. No one leaves their door unlocked out of the belief that robbers shouldn’t come into their home and steal their possessions. We live in the real world, and as such we recognize that ignoring common sense precautions and acting in an unsafe manner can have unfortunate results. You can argue that reality should change itself to suit your preconceptions of how the world should be, but reality likely won’t listen.

It’s not fair, but the Paul Bernardos and Robert Picktons of the world are always going to exist. Certain places, like university campuses, that are known to have large concentrations of young women are always going to be magnets to them. Risk mitigation is the only realistic choice. Acknowledging that does not make you a misogynist or a “rape culture apologist” but rather a realist. Carry mattresses with you all you want and ban sexist fraternity cheers till the cows come home, but do not be surprised when nothing changes. A far more effective tactic would be to put more cops on the street and lengthen the sentences of convicted rapists (or perhaps just implement public castration in the village square for repeat offenders).

Young men do not go to university and suddenly transform into rapists because of the school atmosphere. Certain people are just bad and always will be. Acknowledging this fact is the first step towards minimizing the damage they can cause.