Those The Gods Wish To Destroy

by truenorthsaf

Much of modernity often resembles a form of madness. Failed strategies are tried relentlessly again and again with the expectation that, somehow, this time the outcome will be different. Truths that are self-apparent must be denied for if these truths were spoken aloud the entire shaky foundation upon which everything has been based would be rocked to its core, and even Cathedrals themselves might be brought crashing down. If you need evidence of this look no further than the shameful reaction we have seen in the last few days to the news coming out of Germany.


Michelle, 18, who was surrounded by a mob of 30 men and groped

In Cologne on New Year’s Eve, as traditionally has always been done, revellers gathered in public places to celebrate, one aforementioned place being the square before the city train station. Only this time it was not only revellers that gathered there but also a mob – about one thousand strong – of young men. As merrymakers went about their business, these fine upstanding young men (described by witnesses as being of “North African and Middle Eastern appearance”) set upon them with one single-minded target in mind. What followed can only be described as a mass gangbang, with at this time upwards of one hundred and fifty sexual assaults having been reported ranging from incidents of groping and fondling to full on rapes. The police to their credit did try to intervene, but they were simply overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of what was occurring, with some reporting after the fact that they were prevented from reaching victims crying for help by human walls of young assailants, some of whom tauntingly ripped up residency papers before them. One particularly odious cretin remarked that he was a Syrian refugee who had been invited by Chancellor Merkel and therefore was untouchable.

Let this sink in for a moment; realize what it is that has actually occurred. Feminists, with their self-importance, like to decry the existence of so called rape culture on college campuses (and I’ll admit I have certainly smirked at it in the past). This is real life rape culture in the flesh; not some frat boy dropping a roofie into the punchbowl at the annual House Luau but a coordinated and preplanned mass assault. Imagine, if you can, this happening in your own city; if it had been Union Station here in Toronto where this unspeakable horror had taken place.

What is almost worse than the act itself, however, has been the aftermath to it. That we are only now hearing about this days later is not some fluke or accident. It appears there was a very deliberate effort to keep what happened out of the public eye; an official police report on January 1st that stated New Year’s Eve had been a largely peaceable affair with no major incidents; a blanket of silence cast over the entire affair of by the press only to be reluctantly abandoned when outrage from social media became too deafening to ignore. Even when what had occurred was officially acknowledged that only served as a cue for the usual suspects to trot forward with their same old empty excuses and contextualization. The Mayor of Cologne even said at a news conference that women should try to avoid such attacks in the future by only going out in public in groups and keeping all men at arms’ length (really faulein, why not just go all in and suggest the ladies shouldn’t be allowed to leave the home without a male guardian escorting them….for their own protection of course). The interior minister of a local state government bemoaned expressions of hostility and outrage that had begun appearing on chatrooms and other haunts of the internet claiming they were just as deplorable as what had occurred on New Year’s Eve in the square. Apparently to our dear aforementioned gentleman there is no difference between some loser writing nasty words on a chatroom and a woman being surrounded by a group of hostile young men and forcibly fondled as she frantically screams for help; perhaps he should come down to Cologne and explain the equivalency to the young woman in question, I doubt as it is she sees it.


You can try asking rapists to stay at arms’ length fraulein mayor, the problem is they tend to not to listen

Given their history, which was felt most lethally by members of my own family, I can understand the reluctance felt by some Germans to abandon the multicultural illusions that have been held by the Western world for the past half century even in the face of such overwhelming evidence as this. Be that as it may, ignorance, especially of the wilful kind, is inexcusable. However much certain people may wish to deny it, what happened on December 31st of 2015 in the square of Cologne was not some fluke or one off but simply the latest wave of a tide that has been building for some time.


He was also a poet

It was predicted long ago, and first enunciated by an English classicist named Enoch Powell. I’m sure any lefties foolish enough to be reading this are recoiling in horror at the very mention of this name. Powell! They doubtlessly are crying. That bigoted racist! How dare his name be mentioned! Of course, as is often the case, things are more complicated than that. Some people might be surprised to hear that Powell the arch-conservative, neo-fascist actually wasn’t much of a conservative at all in some respects. He opposed the death penalty, for starters, and was an avid anti-imperialist. He disliked the Cold War, which he thought was a big scare about nothing, and believed American interventionism caused more harm than good (gee, what does all this sound like?). He also was hardly a fascist, thought he admittedly did feel that as an MP he had a duty to represent all his constituents including those who held racist opinions. What Powell also believed, in short, was that massed immigration would inevitably lead to culture clash and that the budding multicultural movement would eventually lead to native born British people becoming second-class citizens within their own nation.

Both those prescient predictions have been proven true by these most deplorable and recent events. The latter by the evidence that for far too many it would seem the priority was to be to hide what had happened in order to protect German Muslims from any hurt feeling or discomfort that the predictable outrage from these events would cause, and by diminishing and relativizing it when that proved to be impossible. As for the former, look no further than the events of December 31st themselves. What was to be expected? However much


Jenny, another victim, had a lit firecracker shoved into her parka and suffered terrible burns

liberals might cling to the pretext that all cultures are equal we all know that is not the case. The outrage that has permeated through Canada in recent days over the news that the new government would be going ahead with an arms deal to Saudi Arabia, magnified by the Gulf kingdom’s very inconveniently timed mass set of beheadings, offers quite unrelated, but nevertheless indisputable, proof of this. Cultures that do bad things are bad, while those that do good things are good. We all know this to be true.

To acknowledge this is not racist. I’m certainly not arguing that young Muslim men from the Middle East are somehow genetically predisposed towards rape and violence against women. Anyone arguing that is a bigoted fool pushing pseudo-scientific racism and should be rightly called out as such. We are all born relatively the same (advantages and disadvantages gifted to us by nature through either parentage or the DNA jackpot excluded of course), but we are also shaped by the environment, values and culture we are brought up in. In the case of the hundreds of thousands of young men who have come to Europe’s shores in the past year that culture is one that demotes women to something less than human and justifies the kind of vile atrociousness. That kind of upbringing and the beliefs it instills cannot simply be taken off like a change of clothes when one comes to a new country.


“They touched us everywhere” the testimony of an unnamed third victim

And the real crux of the matter is that it is not even immigration itself that is the issue here; in fact while we are in the business of speaking the truth a bitter one for some on the right that they’ll eventually have to swallow is that there is no way out of this demographic mess we have created for ourselves that does not include immigration to some extent. My own grandparents were immigrants, but when they first came to this country all those years ago there was an expectation that those who came here would have a duty to fit in and that is what they did. They learned to speak English and taught their children to do the same, paid their taxes, obeyed the laws and otherwise embrace the identity of their new country as did the hundreds of thousands who came with them at that time. It was a perfectly reasonable bargain; welcome to my home, please do not break the china. But a few decades ago that attitude began to change as the self-loathing progressives took ever more power and the cult of multiculturalism took over. The outcome (again predicted by Enoch Powell long ago) has been ghettoization and self-imposed segregation with incidents such as those that happened in Cologne being the logical outcome.

So what is to be done? Well for starters we all need to start standing up and speaking out. For far too long, too many of us have been silent out of fear that if something was said we would be called nasty names or face social ostracism; for fear that we would be called racists! That needs to change. There comes a point when being silent is no longer an option and that point is now. Those peddling in excuses and contextualization must be called out. The moral relativism of multiculturalism must be stamped out, and Western values must once again be both celebrated and elevated. This should most certainly be done inclusively, and not with the aim to divide. The West’s identity is one that can be embraced and shared by all people of all ethnicities and backgrounds and the farcical argument made long ago (not exclusively but most often by people on the right) that somehow these values were somehow tied to the colour of one’s skin or the country of one’s origin can rightly be held up as partially responsible for the multicultural mess we live in today. But still, certain lines must be redrawn and forcefully asserted. The equality of all before the law, regardless of religion and gender, is one of them. The basic right of female agency is another. So is the right not to be killed for one’s sexual orientation or proclivities while we’re at it. And until we find the courage to once again argue this, without reservation or qualification, I fear we will see many more New Year’s Eves such as this past one in many more Colognes. I see the river Tiber, as Enoch Powell once said, foaming red with much blood.