There’s No Easy Answer To The Question Of Transsexuality

by truenorthsaf

Just as the battle over gay marriage in the United States finally appears to be ending in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s ruling on the matter a new one seems to be erupting this time over the issue of transsexual rights; the battlefield this time being not the alter but the washroom. In response to a growing chorus of SJWs and gender-activists arguing for the right of anyone to be free to use whatever washroom or change-room or general bathing facility that the gender they identify with corresponds to, a number of states (mostly across the south but not exclusively so) have passed legislation effectively mandating that the washroom an individual chooses to use must correspond to their birth gender. This in turn has set off yet another round of hysterical SJW wailing accompanied by boycotts and threats of boycotts by various bands and entertainers.

The tremendous irony here, that has largely gone unspoken, is that fully transitioned transwomen have been using the ladies’ room for years now without any of the other occupants saying “boo” to the idea. Left to their own devices, people are surprisingly capable of reaching compromises that accommodate and balance the needs and desires of the various individuals who make up the fabric of society; it is no surprise that the dog became man’s best friend, for we are both ultimately creatures of the pack. It was only when absolutist activists of gender-fluidity and morally self-righteous SJWs began demanding an absolute right of access to anyone claiming to identify as a woman, no questions asked, that people began baulking at the implications.


To portray such reservations as bigotry is intellectual balderdash. One of my many glaring contradictions is that despite being a Throne & Alter traditionalist through to my blood and soul I’m also one of the more pro-LGTBQ people you’ll find on the right. In part it’s the historian in me; men have been choosing to live and dress as women from the days that the Sun King held court at Versailles so starting to complain now is a tad late. Partially it’s also an instinctive inclination on my part towards everyone minding their own business; I have a dislike of snoops and busybodies of all persuasions. All of that being said, there are perfectly valid reasons why one might feel uncomfortable with any random bloke being able to say “I identify as a woman” and be able to waltz into the ladies’, given that such a scenario has very legitimate concerns regarding safety and security.


Oh don’t mind me, after all, we’re all women aren’t we?

Progressives tend to sneeringly dismiss such worries with condescending answers ranging from misconstrued accusations that concerns of this nature are merely transphobic equations of transsexuals with perverts and deviants on one end to condescending statements that there’s nothing stopping men entering women’s’ washrooms to prey on the occupants as things currently stand anyway. The problem here is that no one actually makes the former argument aside from a handful of knuckle-dragging pseudo-Neanderthals and televangelist hucksters and con-artists purveying false outrage and over-hyped fake morality into book sales and television ratings; the real threat here comes not from transsexuals but completely straight men who could easily take advantage of such an open door policy to prey upon women. As for the latter argument, yes it certainly has always been possible for men to gain entrance to the ladies’ room for nefarious intentions. The question here is a matter of degrees and probabilities. Under the status quo, should a woman enter the loo and be confronted by someone who is clearly a man her next act is quite clear: turn around and walk away…actually make that run away…ideally screaming “Security! RAPE!” at the top of her lungs. Add in the confusing question of “Well is this just a biological man who identifies as a woman” to the scenario and this becomes less clear and it is indisputable the possibility of a woman being assaulted becomes more likely.

Less of a physical danger, but even more unsettling in some ways, is the argument advanced by the most extreme activists of the transgendered cause that the concept of gendered washrooms (along with change-rooms and bathing facilities) should be done away with altogether because it by necessity excludes those of the transgendered community who do not identify with a specific gender at all, and are made to feel marginalized and offended as a result. Of no substance, apparently, is the discomfort a very large number of people who do happen to have a gender would have at such a state of affairs, which is once again easily dismissed as mere bigotry and transphobia. It isn’t. It isn’t bigotry for women to be somewhat distressed at the idea of having to share a changing area with a man such as myself. It isn’t bigotry for me to feel uncomfortable with the thought of having to use a mixed-gender (or would the term be non-gendered) shower room.

Freaks and Geeks

Okay, these guys probably love the idea of gender neutral shower rooms….but think about the reason?

This entire situation is ironically yet another example of how progressives, though their use of identity politics and tribalism and zero-sum demands for groups deemed to be disadvantaged and marginalized by their own internal systems of grievance measurement only end up generating the very same attitudes among the majority groups they relentlessly bully and browbeat. Before this latest campaign for absolute, no questions asked, access to one and all began, as was said at that start, the idea of a fully transitioned transsexual using the washroom of their choice at Walmart likely provoked little ire of anyone. Yet by demanding all bow before their own extreme agenda, and shaming all those who refuse, the left has provoked the very pushback they claimed to be fighting against in the first place. When people are told that the discomfort of a subset of a subset of a tiny minority has greater standing than their own, it is only naturally that this will lead to resentment. Individualism, the idea that we treat each other equally as individual people, only works when it is applied universally; the day we begin trying to treat some people as more equal than others, their discomfort as more valid than that of another, their desire to be free of offense as more righteous, is the day it stops being possible.

So what is the solution? There is an easy one honestly. Somehow who clearly has transitioned should be allowed to use the washroom or shower-room of their choice, someone who is simply spouting “oh, I identify as….” clearly should not (not just on their word alone). As for the vast grey area in between these two poles, the best approach might well be to simply leave it to the discretion of each individual facility to decide on a case by case basis. A store manager or gym owner is probably more likely to fairly weigh the comforts and safety of all their patrons fairly than some far off politician in a legislature somewhere; it is a mistake of the left to believe that all problems can be legislated away and by indulging in the same fantasy lawmakers of the right simply fall into the same trap. The individual people are often best placed to decide, admittedly in ways that often are imperfect at times, but imperfection, sadly, is an escapable part of the world we inhabit.