An Endless Road Going Nowhere

by truenorthsaf

In the days that have followed the thunderbolt that was the victory of the Leave campaign in the June 23rd referendum on Great Britain’s continued EU membership one would be forgiven for thinking NASA had just reported a massive asteroid had been detected on a direct collision course with Earth. So great has been the outpouring of misery and despair from the pages of such august news sources as the Guardian and Vice magazine combined with the frenzied fury and outrage expressed throughout outlets of social media the idea that this was in response to the notification of the world’s impending end would not be unfounded.


Democracy? Who cares, I want to vacation in France during Reading Week!

“Oh My God, British Grandma, What The Fuck Have You Done?” stated a headline on Vice magazine that easily captured the impotent rage of Britain’s young millennials;  so incensed are they that they have taken to Twitter and Facebook in force to decry the rampant unfairness of how it was the elderly vote, undoubtedly due to their dotage, that pushed Leave over the top despite they the young being the ones who would live with the consequences for far longer (ignoring that by this so-called logic the old should never be allowed to vote on anything and instead the franchise should be capped at the age of fifty and extended to the newly born from the moment they exit the womb). The usual suspects amongst our cosmopolitan class of journalists, academics, thinkers and ponderers and intellectuals of all kinds wrung their hands at their failure to get across to the public the fact that voting in favour of Brexit automatically made you a racist chav who likely couldn’t count to ten even with the aid of both hands. A petition soon acquired nearly three million signatures demanding a second referendum be held, fulfilling the true progressive principle that democracy is so wonderful that people should vote as many times as it takes for them to finally vote the right way (it should be noted that there are some indicators the number of signatures on the petition may be slightly inflated – like the fact that over thirty thousand signers list the Vatican City as their place of residence despite the Papal seat having a population of only eight hundred).

SadIndeed it is the end of the world for some people, or at least the end of a worldview, and that is at the heart of these anguished tantrum of babyish proportions we witnessed over the cataclysmic news that Great Britain (horror of horrors) has decided to reclaim its sovereignty and take back control of its borders, and laws, and future from the cold, clammy hands of Brussels. Such things are not supposed to happen, because any good progressive worth he or she is on the right side of history and anyone opposing them is doomed to failure. By voting Leave, the British people have raised the terrifying proposition that perhaps the unspoken dream of a future of a borderless world governed by technocratic citizens of the world may in fact not be inevitable. The tide of history could in fact begin to recede, leaving our rootless cosmopolitan liberals stranded on a deserted beach.

Is it any wonder then that the news of Brexit has been greeted by our global elites with all the joy that would accompany the heralding of a horde of Mongols about to descend upon the glorious second Rome they have busily engaged in building for these past seventy odd years? It’s also no wonder that news of Leave’s victory have rattled markets from Mexico to Peking to New York; if even the stuffy and cerebral Brits can be roused to revolt against the Enlightenment consensus that has ruled unchallenged for all of our post-war decades what are the odds that this new Peasants Revolt of unwashed masses might turn their grubby eyes elsewhere in the aftermath and bring their torches and pitches to bear upon them.


Careful, kids dressed like old men may be coming for you next!

That is the true panic here; that this is just the beginning of a popular revolt declaring “let us to forward into the past”. It has been a long time building, and much of the blame for it can be laid at the feet of the left itself. Is it any wonder ordinary people are finally beginning to throw their hands up in exasperation at this post-modern mess of guilt and shame and moral blackmail that has been heaped upon them? If the liberal utopia is inevitable, then it also unreachable and the road towards it never ending.

For proof of this look no further than the attitudes displayed by modern day progressives themselves. To hear them talk one would be forgiven for thinking the history of the past seventy odd years has been one of stagnation and failure for their own beloved causes. To them the Western world is rife with racism and bigotry as terribly as the days of the antebellum south or Apartheid South Africa, our college campus stewing pits of misogyny and sexism filled with predatory frat boys just waiting to carrying off innocent women like modern-day Vikings and subject them to a fate worse than death, that the barbarism of ISIS is a justified act of rebellion by socioeconomic oppressed Third Worlders that we in the West have brought upon ourselves through neo-liberalism and neo-imperialism.

His Life

Ooooh, what bigotry!

What an utter load of balderdash. Yes, prejudice and discrimination and intolerance are all still features of this world and should be fought wherever they rear their ugly head, but we have actually progressed on these matters (and the irony that a reactionary old fogey is the one reminding my progressive sages of modernity of this fact is not lost). The Western world is not awash with structural racism and implict sexism and slowly plotting to recolonize the entirety of the world for its enrichment and gain. The progressive have, in fact, largely won.

Their victories have not abated the fiery rage of the SJWs but only emboldened them to even more relentlessly hound and bully their opponents for showing even the mildest deviation from their godless religion of progress and moral relativism. A tad bit uncomfortable with the idea of a genderless future with unisex school locker-rooms for your teenaged kids? YOU’RE A RAGING TRANSPHOBE AND SHOULD BE BURNED AT THE STAKE! Feel that due process and centuries old judicial protections such as presumption of innocence must rank higher than a mindless dogma of “I believe survivors”? YOU’RE A MISOGYNISTIC CAVEMAN AND A RAPE APOLOGIST, IF NOT A FILTHY RAPIST YOURSELF! Dare to ascribe to the view that sanctity of borders and the integrity of national sovereignty should be preserved? YOU’RE A RACIST XENOPHOBE AND I HOPE YOU DIE!

And so maybe, just maybe, the backlash has begun, and if it has our cosmopolitan progressives may well be in trouble. To actually take a step back from the abyss they may be standing on would not only require them to first shed the delusion of inevitability that has formed the cornerstone of their very ideology, but also force an acknowledgement that they never will have the stomach to face: that maybe, just maybe, we who they have opposed and hated and rubbished for all of this long cold winter of discontent just might have been right. We the reactionaries, the relics, and the dinosaurs who have dared to stand against them in the face of abuse and insults and ridicule, may actually have been on the something all along. That is something they will never be able to accept. That is something they will never be able to contemplate.

And that is why they might just lose.