So You Hate The Patriarchy?

by truenorthsaf

Those who are even casually familiar with my writings would have little difficulty concluding that I am not a tremendous fan of multiculturalism. As Mark Steyn once eloquently put it, it is a policy that in practice means that a nation’s core value is that it has no core values. It is a tremendous irony of this that the primary pushers of this policy, the modern day left, are effectively pursuing a course of self-immolation; when the moral relativism of multiculturalism is combined with mass migration primarily from more anarchistic parts of the world the end result is the undermining of many progressive causes the left holds near and dear to their hearts.

Those doubtful of this proposition might wish to consider an ICM poll done in Britain for Channel 4 this past April on the attitudes of the UK’s Muslim population in comparison to the country as a whole. To be fair, the poll did reveal some very positive statistics in certain areas. A greater portion of British Muslims reported feeling a stronger sense of belonging in Britain (86%) than the national average (83%). Only a tiny 4% admitted to feeling sympathy with suicide bombers and those who commit acts of terror in general. That is not to say the migrant crisis does not pose worrying challenges, as tragic events in Paris and Brussels have shown, but those who argue that all Muslims migrants are nothing more than a Islamist fifth column will be sadly disappointed by these findings.

A far more worrying trend was revealed with the survey turned its attention to social issues, which painted a picture of a British Muslim community that was drastically at odds with the country as a whole on a number of subjects. 52% of one polled agreed that homosexuality should be illegal in the UK (a mere 18% disagreed) compared with only 5% of the broarer population. 47% would object to a gay person becoming a teacher, a view held by 14% of the UK in total. Nearly a quarter (23%) of Britain’s Muslim community wanted to see the country implement Sharia law. 39% said a wife should always obey her husband. 31% felt a man should be allowed more than one wife (the question of whether this option should be extended to women was unasked).

It should be remembered that the Muslim community has been present in Britain for decades now, so this survey was not only encompassing the opinion of recent arrivals but those who had been born in the UK and led the entirety of their lives there. This is the true risk facing the West, not that newcomers are going to reenact the sack of Rome but rather that they continue to hold views and opinions that are at odds with the population as a whole. This will only grow to be more of a challenge in coming years as the percentage of the population that is Muslim grows due to both a higher birthrate than the native born population and continued migration from North Africa and the Middle East. You on the Left all think I’m so regressive for thinking housewives are cool and No Fault divorce was the greatest mistake of the modern era – wait and see wha the future holds.

This is an issue the Left should be at the forefront on. They certainly are not squeamish when it comes to harassing Christian bakeries for not providing wedding cakes or pillorying those who object to gender neutral change rooms in elementary schools. On this matter though they are strangely silent. On reflection though it isn’t so strange. If you hold the belief that everyone that disagrees with you is simply on the wrong side of a history that is an inevitable march of progress then it is not surprising that you would also hold the naive (and also rather racist) view that all those seeking to to come to your country are doing so because they wish to be exactly like you.

Unfortunately, it has turned out that this only partially true. Everyone certainly seems to want to be like the West in terms of our greater economic opportunities and prosperity. Our lack of political oppression and rampant corruption also has been enthusiastically embraced. However on matters  of morality and values  (which it turns out are not quite as universal as the authors of the Rights of Man originally assumed) quite a few newcomers seem perfectly happy to say “thanks, but no thanks”.

The ills of this malady are already becoming increasingly apparent, whether it is the most aggregious assaults upon female celebrants across Germany on this past New Years Eve or the fact that Malmö has been transformed into the rape capital of Europe or the rising tide of incidents of anti-semitism across all of the continent. Multiculturalism, it has turned out, means more than importing new types of ethnic cuisine or cultural festivals but also cultural beliefs and attitudes deeply rooted in history and tradition.

To be blunt, the Western world is going to need to get serious about the genuine integration of its ethnic minorites or it will have to accept the fact that within a few generations we will be living in the nation of parallel societies and civil strife that Enoch Powell thanklessly tried to warn us of decades ago. This will require a repudiation of the long held progressive myth that the values the West so dearly clings to are universal ones; they are universal in the sense that anyone can adopt them, but they are values that originated in and in effect came from Western civilization and history. Without recognition of the importance of the latter there can be no assertion of the former, and doing so is not some act of racist imperialism as progressives have long alleged.

The West at large, but in particular the Left, must make a choice. What we face is not a clash of civilizations, as Huntington once predicted, but rather a cultural void being filled with an exterior one due nature’s sheer abhorrence of a vacuum. Choose poorly, and the consequences may be dear.