Islamism Has No Race

by truenorthsaf

It seems that even my own tranquil country of Canada is not immune from the symptoms of this summer of terror that has beset the world. On Wednesday the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, acting on a tipoff regarding an imminent terror threat, descended on the town of Strathroy, Ontario. A shootout occurred, and when it was done one suspect was dead and another man (the driver of the taxi he was in) was injured. At this time it is still unclear whether the suspect died of his gunshot wounds or from the detonation of an explosive device he was carrying (a second unexploded one was also found in his possession).
The details surrounding the now departed would be terrorist are almost all depressingly familiar. He came from a troubled family background, had a history of run ins with the law and drug use in his youth, and embraced Islam likely as a source of escape from his troubles. He became radicalized via online interactions with ISIS’s well oiled propaganda and recruitment machine, largely it seems out of anger at what he perceived as his Western home’s misdeeds against Muslims throughout the Middle East, and had been under surveillance by Canadian intelligence services (even being held under a peace bond at the time he evidently decided to finally take jihad into his own hands). There is only one glaring exception to this narrative, the suspect was a pasty redhead named Aaron Driver.

This is no doubt a very inconvenient fact for the forces of the progressive left, who never miss an opportunity to paint all critics of Islamism as mere racists who are afraid of brown people. That Aaron Driver was born Christian to an Anglo family here in Canada (his father is a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces) serves as a perfect example of what we on the other side have argued for years now: that a set of ideas has no race and to be critical of those who hold them is not racism. As simple as this distinction is, modern day progressives obsessed with identity-politics simply fail to grasp it; to them Islam is simply associated with brown people, therefore its adherents are elevated to a place of pride in the grievance Olympics and any criticism must be racism.

Progressives have no difficulty showing such nuance in the case of Christianity. They relentlessly criticize various Christian denominations for refusing to abandon central tenants of their faith on such issues as contraception, abortion and same sex marriage, and do so without any regard for the fact that the faith is one whose adherents are increasingly found across Africa and Asia as the congregations of the West dwindle and gentrify with age. Whatever the reality may be, however, Christianity is inseparably linked with the West in the eyes of our modern day leftists and therefore is a fair target, just as Islam is forever associated as something alien and foreign and therefore is beyond critique.

The truth, which must always be spoken as unfashionable as it has become of late, is that no creed is beyond reproach. To attack any man on the basis of his ancestry is despicable, but ideas are colour blind. It is not bigotry to acknowledge that the ideology of Islamism has inspired acts of terror and violence on a scale we no longer can make any equatable comparison to within Christianity (whatever its past sins) or other world religions today. When a man plots mass murder and in a martyrdom video calls himself a soldier of Allah it is not racism to take him at his word.

Today, Western civilization stands upon a gaping and deep precipice and unless we abandon politically correct relativism and instead steel ourselves in what is morally right, as unsightly as some of its truths may be, our generation may well be its last. Like the Romans before the fall we may far too easily stand bickering over past glories as all the East bestirs itself and a tidal wave builds that will sweep all away before it. If any solution is to be found, and if anything that remains is to be saved, it begins with honesty and the shedding of illusions.

Islamism has no race.