The Decline of Masculine Virtue

by truenorthsaf

In the past I have certainly made no effort to hide the fact that I have a very low opinion of both feminism and the state of modern womanhood. The hollowing out of society that is otherwise known as modernity has certainly had a pronounced and negative effect on the fairer sex. What is just as bad, but remarked on far less though, is how the same criticism can be applied to men.

I do not mean this in the way often argued by Women & Gender Studies departments, that men are all total crap and probably potential rapists to boot, but rather in the sense that by the traditional standards of manhood most men these days are a very sorry lot. Frankly speaking, men have forgotten what it is to be men. Once there were standards of what was expected of a man if he wished to have any self-respect for himself. Today, though, standards are out of fashion; if you have standards you tend to judge people by them and judging people of course means admitting that some are better than others and modern day progrssives can’t have that.

In the purely physical sense, men are on average weaker today than they were in the past. Academically, women are increasingly leaving men behind in the dust when it comes to pursuing  and excelling at higher education (though it should be noted that men still dominant fields such as science and maths). It goes deeper than that. The old male ideals of self-mastery, power, and courage have fallen by the wayside and in their place what has sprung up is a culture of comfort, gratification, and pleasure seeking.

Partially, this can be attributed to a popular culture that has completely degraded any true sense of masculine virtue. How many sitcoms can you think of where the wife is a wonderful, smart, amazing superwoman and her husband is some dumb joke who is lucky to have found her (how all these pathetic beta-males managed to convince these women to marry them and why these women put up with such bumbling fools is one of the many mysteries of television on). Men inevitably are portrayed as some combination of bumbling, clueless, crass, and cowardly. Most modern day celebrities are little better, flittering trough a neverending debaurcherous life of divorces, affairs and hook-ups all documented in detail by the tabloids and entertainment magazines. With such a lack of positive role models in the public consciousness is it any wonder  so many men these days lack any understanding of what true manhood entails?

However, we men should also not be too quick to let ourselves off the hook. If old-school manliness has declined, it has been more than partially because being a man is just plain hard and far too many of us have gotten lazy or preferred to indulge ourselves in the perks of modernity. I would note that quite a few commentators of a more socially conservative bent on the reactionary edge of the ether are more than keen to wag their figures disapprovingly at rising rates of single motherhood, or the increasingly orgiestic nature of campus life while failing to acknowledge that it takes two to tango. When condemning bad behaviour one should always start by taking a long look in he mirror, and the truth is that while mass promiscuity and the other sins of the Sexual Revolution have been terrible for society men have indulged in them with just as much enthusiasm as women.

All improvement begins with the self. If we, as men, aspire to more of life than the sad, sorry selection of high speed internet porn, empty one night stands and broken relationships that this forlorn modern world seeks to offer us then it begins by aspiring to be better men. It starts with each and every one of us making the hard choice to live our own lives by the standards we would expect of others. Live your life as a man of honour, of dignity, and of strength. Unless you can find true virtue in your own life, do not even begin to judge others by it.