On Berlin: What Else Is There To Say

by truenorthsaf

Earlier this week a Tunisian refugee hijacked a truck and drove it into a packed Christmas market in Berlin, killing and injuring fifty. A video has emerged of the perpetrator pledging allegiance to the Islamic State. His asylum claim had been denied some time ago, but the German state had apparently not deported him. He’s believed to have entered Europe via Italy, where he had served some time in jail for burning down a school.What is there to say? What else is even left to say? What has not already been said before so many times it’s almost beyond count? #JeSuisBerlin? Pray for Berlin? Perhaps we can find that Parisian piano and have him pop over and plonk out another rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine”?

The truth, as the Mayor of London put it, terrorist attacks such as these have just become something we live with. We get up in the morning, eat breakfast, go to work, go to the gym, go home, go to sleep, and every now and then somewhere along the way a few of us get shot, or stabbed, or blown up, or run over by a truck. Each time it happens the talking heads pop up and say a few words, and the checkpoints get a but more common, the security perimeters get expanded a bit further, and inch by inch our surrender gets more complete.

For surrender is what it is. It has gotten to the point where our leaders don’t even pretend anymore that there is some expectation that this might ever end. Oh, maybe we’ll dig ISIS out of Mosul and maybe even Raqqa, but once that particular head off the Hyrda has been chopped off some new one will emerge. The mosques and madrasahs funded by the Saudis with our own money will raise a new crop of radicalized, Western hating death worshiper to go wage Jihad against the Great Satan and this long war will go on as it has for decades now.

Here in Canada pictures are floating around social media showing concrete barriers have been around the Toronto Christmas Market. Perhaps next year we won’t even bother holding one. Instead we’ll just hunker down a bit more, cowering under our blankets, whimpering “please, PLEASE, don’t hurt us”. We certainly won’t contemplate actually doing anything that might actualy end this, because anything that might actually work would require us to abandon our great liberal illusions and that, our progressive elites tell us, is really what victory for the enemy would look like.

When you kill your enemies they win, our  marvellous dope of a Prime Minister once philosophised. Balony. When you kill your enemies YOU win. Islamic State understands this and that is why they are winning. What do you think all the grizzly murders are about? The destruction of the historical ruins of Palmyra? ISIS understands in a way that we have long forgotten that their actions send a message to the world that they will do anything, kill anyone, destroy everything in their mission to wipe the slate clean and build their horrific new world. This is not unprecedented, Pol Pot tried to do much the same in Cambodia and by the time he was done a third of the country’s population had died.

In the days of Republican Rome when a barbarian army threatened the Eternal City the senate would declare one man a dictator with the powers to do what was necessary to end the crisis. Until we in the West come to remebers the lesson of this, and steel ourselves to what must be done, there will be many more trucks driving into many more Christmas markets. Until we wake up from this holiday slumber we have lulled ourselves into these last twenty years, there is nothing more to say.