Resolutions in Masculinity for 2017

by truenorthsaf

New Years resolutions are one of the more overrated rituals of modern life. Everyone promises to go to the gym more and cut back on junk food yet almost no one ever does. This is simply one of those sad realities of the world, like hurricanes or male patterned baldness. Nevertheless, ritual (even overrated ones) are the whip by which men are drawn and we abandon them at our peril. I’ve made no secret the fact I consider the decline of true masculinity and genuine masculine virtue to be one of many flaws of the modern world. The age of heroes has passed us and now we live in the age of the pajama boy. Below follows my own list of resolutions of those looking for advise on how to reassert their manhood in this society of degeneracy and general wimphood we find ourselves in.

  1. Get Stronger. Yes it is almost obligatory to resolve to exercise more in the upcoming year, but I’m not talking about just taking up jogging here. Get a gym membership or invest in some weights and start lifting. The reasons you should do this are not just vanity. From strength comes greater confidence, both in yourself and your interactions with others, and with that many other aspects of your life will improve. Pump some iron, and build some muscle, and watch how the positive effects spill over into other areas.
  2. Learn to take a joke. It has become almost a joke in and of itself at this point that millennials have become a bunch of precious little snowflakes sent into a swoon at the most insipid challenging thought and triggered into exaggerated outrage at the most innocuous offense. When famous comedians such as Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock no longer are willing to perform at college campuses you know its bad. In 2017, start manning up or at very least realize that people can’t laugh at you if you’re laughing with them.
  3. Go to Church/Synagoge/Mosque/Temple. The decline of spirituality and the supernatural are just one of the many casualities of the modern world and the cult of rationality it is built on. Human beings are not rational creatures though. There is an inate part of us (however much progressives wish to deny it) that longs for reverence and the spiritual. Give it a gander, you might find your life improved by it.
  4. Stop buying stuff. Material consumerism is the lifeblood of modernity, and the stripmall it’s new temple. Constantly seeking ever more stuff, only to have to seek ever more when the initial rush of the latest purchase wears off. I’m not saying you need to givbe away all of your material possessions (indeed an appreciation for true quality is the mark of a refined man). Simply stop looking for that latest widget or gizmo to make you happy and fill the void the modern world has created in you, it won’t.
  5. Start dressing better. If an item of clothing is defined as “athletic” it should be worn at the gym or when your knocking about the house and at no other time. No that t-shirt with the novelty design is not trendy it’s ugly. If something has a tear or a rip in it that means it should be thrown in the trash. Take some pride in your apprearance and how it is presented to those in public.
  6. Learn manners and etiquette. I’m not talking about just saying “please” and “thank you” more often. Hold open a door for a lady. Give up your seat on the subway for an elderly person. Pull out the chair of your dinning companion. Rise from your seat when someone enters the room. This isn’t just about being a nice person (though that is definitely a good thing). Traditions are the underpinnings of civilization, and etiquette the unspoken code that governs our behaviours which facilitates it. Learn them. Follow them. Do your part to make your ancestors proud.
  7. Stop try to hook up. Start trying to get married. Sleeping around is a waste of time. It isn’t worth it. It won’t make you happy. It doesn’t make you a man, just a sleaze. What will is love and family. Start looking for those, for truthfully that is what all the following resolutions are in the ultimate service of – the continuition of your bloodline and the addition of your contribution to your family legacy.