For The First Time Ever The Left Is Afraid

by truenorthsaf

I make no secret of the fact I am rather conflict on the subject of President Donald Trump. Personally, I find him to be a braggart and a bully and a rather crass and shallow person (sorry folks, but a man whose been divorced three times is not a paragon of moral virtue). With that being said, I must also be honest and admit that the absolute meltdown I have witnessed among so many people on the progressive left in recent weeks have brought me an almost indecent amount of joy. The pleasure of witnessing so many absolutely contemptible figures completely fall apart in sheer agony at what has occurred may not be the most Christian of responses, but I am after all but human.

Truthfully speaking, what has occurred ever since that extraordinary day in November when President Trump defied all expectations is something I have never witnessed before in my lifetime. It’s not just that progressives were angry at the result, that has been seen before countless times on practically every occasion someone even minutely to the right of centre has managed to attain any kind of office. It’s not the over the top temper tantrums that have played out across Twitter and Facebook and various other forms of social media, that’s been seen before as well. It is that for the first time ever the Left is not just angry at what they see as some brief interruption in their ascent to utopia or stomping their feet in indignation over how the unwashed masses of regular folk are so slow to catch up with the times as they see them. For the first time ever, progressives are afraid.

If Brexit was the first time the progressive left of modernity had ever had a blow struck against them and their belief in an inevitable and unstoppable march of history towards some set destination, the election of Donald Trump was a full on body check. Never before had they thrown everything they had in their arsenal at a target and in the end come up short. The media, the academia, the corporate world, the unions, and every other advocacy group and SJW-inclined organization at their disposal all turned their guns on the Manhattan real estate mogul and it still wasn’t enough. You could see the horror on their faces on election night as the realization dawned on them: we can actually lose.

That is truly what progressives are afraid of, not that President Trump might enact a few policies they dislike and pass a few laws they can always repeal in the future. That’s all happened before. What grips them with terror is the idea that Trump’s elevation to the presidency heralds something more, that it is evidence that the most fundamental of assumptions of their ideology are in fact wrong. What is there is no actual wrong side of history? What if it is not a march, but instead a tide, one that advances but eventually begins to ebb and then retreat again?

No wonder the left has been reeling with such devastation as if the bottom has fallen out from under their entire world, for it actually has. If civilization is not something that can be whiped clean like a blank slank and rewritten like chalk on a board then progressive have lost the whole wager they gambled the farm on. Should President Trump mean there are parts of the human nature that cannot be reshaped like clay, deeper covenants of blood and tradition that he somehow reawakened, then the entire progressive narrative for the last thirty odd years (if not longer) is a lie.

It would mean that those who progressives so cruelly and totally derided for standing against them were not just obstacles in the way of human progress to be trampled under foot. It would mean that their ultimate vision of a global and universal liberal and cosmopolitan future was not some universal truth that a few rubes and bigots simply had not seen the light of yet. It would mean that the ruthlessness and utter lack of mercy they showed to those  last few poor unelightened holdouts against their Brave New World could one day be turned upon them should the tide ever begin to recede.

Yes, the left is afraid that the Liberal Era is coming to an end like so many that came before it. They have wrung up quite the bill over this old, cold winter of discontent that has been inflicted on us. Maybe, just maybe, it is finally coming due.