2017 Masculine Resolutions #1: Get Stronger

by truenorthsaf

Being pleasantly surprised by the popularity of my recent post of suggested resolutions for 2017 for men seeking to reaffirm their masculinity in this sad age of effeminate degeneracy, I have decided to follow-up with some additional comments on each of them individually, starting today with the first one: Get Stronger.

Physical strength is one of the most obvious elements of masculinity (admittedly one that is overemphasized). A man should be strong and fit to be capable of both defending himself and his family as well as handling basic stuff like opening a door that’s gotten stuck. It is also one of many traditional elements of manhood that has fallen by the wayside in our sad modern world. Bluntly, we have become one of the weakest, fattest, most out of shape societies in history. To be fair, that we have done so is in some ways a testament to how far we have progressed. That even poor people can be fat is evidence that we have achieved a degree of abundance that never before has been possible in human history (and people say I never have anything good to say about the modern world).

Just because something is possible, however, doesn’t mean it should be. Getting fit and getting stronger should be a priority for any man who wants to call himself such. I’ll certainly concede I far from a perfect role model in this regard. Like most people of my generation I went through the Freshman Fifteen when I went to university and never really lost it. I work in a very sedentary job behind a desk, and I only began hitting the gym on a regular basis a few years ago (and to be honest I still carry around a few more pounds than I ideally should).

Making an effort to get back into shape has done wonders for my life however. As cliched (and superficial) as it may sound, looking good and feeling you look good has all sorts of benefits from personal confidence to how people react around you. Whether its feeling capable of being able to handle yourself in a tough situation or getting a boost on how you expect to be be perceived by other people, personal fitness and body toning have a ton of benefits for your day to day life.

As for how you should go about getting stronger, if you ask ten different people the best way to burn fat and bulk up on muscle you’ll get ten different answers. Whether its the low carb diet or the paleo diet, or high intensity cardio versus heavy resistance training, each approach has its own set of ardent defenders and zealous detractors. My own personal opinion is that there is no one size fits all exercise program or diet. What matters most is you choose one that works for you, and you are capable of integrating into your lifestyle. That is the key part, as far to many people in my opinion approach getting fit as a kind of temporary measure like taking tylenol for  headache, when in reality living a healthy lifestlye is a lifelong adjustment.

For myself, I lift two to three times a week with free weights. On days I don’t lift I do some kind of light cardio such as power walking. For diet I most just try to stay away from junk food and between meal snacks while practicing some moderation as to portion size. For me, this approach seems to work, but I’ll again emphasize that this might not work for other people. What I would encourage you to do, however, is find an approach that does work for you and incorporate it into your lifestyle for 2017. You may just find you’re life improved for the better.