Trump’s Executive Order is a Monster of the Left’s Own Making

by truenorthsaf

The last few days in America have been chaotic to say the least. President Trump delivered on one of his signature campaign promises and signed an Executive Order temporarily banning from entry to the United States the residents of seven countries. It’s worth clarifying that calling this a Muslim ban is not an entirely fair statement. A person of any religion from the aforementioned states is effected by the President’s Executive Order, and many Muslim majority states are excluded (not to mention the hundreds of millions of Muslims who reside in other countries throughout the world). It should also be pointed out that six of the seven countries named in the ban are currently engulfed in domestic conflicts against Islamist extremist groups with only limited control existing in the hands of their governments, and the seventh is Iran – a state sponsor of terrorism and avowed enemy of the civilized world (whether we admit it or not).What is a fair statement is saying President Trump’s Executive Order is poorly thought out and the execution of it has been a shambles. Travellers entering the States on the very day the order came into effect found themselves denied entry and being detained upon arrival. Green card holders and dual citizens (including a Canadian Conservative Member of Parliament who is an avowed critic of Islamic extremism) found themselves included in the ban. Individuals who had risked their lives assisting the American armed forces in the War on Terror found their refugee status thrown into question. Simple common sense exceptions and contextualizations were entirely forgotten. In short, the whole thing was a mess.

Despite this however, the most interesting factor in this whole scenario is that when polled a plurality – indeed a near majority – of the America public have indicated they support President Trump’s Executive Order for all of its warts. Having just gone through a year that has been one non-stop warning sign to the left, progressives would do well to ponder why exactly this is. Are half of Americans simply hateful, racist bigots?

The answer of course is no, however much the left might wish to pretend otherwise. So why are so many Americans willing to support such a chaotic (and ultimately ineffectual) decision? The ugly truth that progressives must face is that this whole mess is one of their own making. For years now, as this Long War has dragged on, the left has steadfastly refused to acknowledge the simple fact that we are locked in a death struggle with Islamic extremists who are intent on annihilating the Western world and building a new global caliphate upon its ashes. Barack Obama quite famously refused to even use the term “Islamic extremism” during his entire presidency.

By refusing to call a spade a spade, and in effect acting more concerned that the Muslim world might be offended at being linked to a terrorist attack than outraged by the attack itself, progressives have created a void which things such as President Trump’s Executive Order are more than happy to fill. People have become so desperate to see someone draw a line, that a good many of them are willing to embrace any line even if it is an ugly and ineffectual one.

This problem will only continue until the left comes to realize that if you make certain ideas and positions unacceptable then the masses will eventually turn to unacceptable people because they are the only ones willing to advocate them. The left, in effect, must recover its spine and willingness to stand up and fight for civilization instead of offering weak excuses and contextualizations. There are bad people in this world, and until progressives once again show that they are willing to fight them we will see many more Donald Trumps come to power.