The Attack On Manhood & Femininity

by truenorthsaf

A recent bit of minor news I came across was that the RAF would no longer allow servicewomen to wear skirts as part of their uniform while on parade. The reasoning behind this being that the decision would make the air service more accommodating to transsexuals. Apart from inspiring some jokes about how the more obvious solution would have been for homeland of kilts to simply allow servicemen to wear skirts this affair quite neatly encompasses what I find most odious about transrights activists, the attempt to go beyond asking for acceptance of gender fluidity and instead erase gender differences altogether.My natural instinct for most things is to mind my own business and in return ask others to do the same. In that vein, I don’t really have much issue with transexuality that respects binary genders. If your born a man and wish to dress and live your life as a woman it isn’t any skin off my grape. Such things have been going on since the dawn of time (if you’re doubtful just go read a historical account of the court of Versailles) and the world hasn’t come to an end. If it was a mere matter of allowing transwomen to just wear the standard female uniform, skirts and all, this would be a solution I’d quite happily live with.

So of course the question now is why this quite obvious solution that would have been accommodating to transsexuals and respectful of the traditional uniform was not implemented? It’s because to activsts and advocates of the “transexual rights” even this measure wouldn’t go far enough, because their goal goes far beyond just accomodating those who wish to switch gender roles but the abolition of gender differences altogether. The motivation of course is tolerance; tolerance of those who claim to have no gender at all or one that simply is neither male or female.

I won’t lie. This is a concept I simply do not understand. I can grasp the idea that someone born of biological male might wish to live their life conforming to the standards we associate with someone who is female, or the reverse, but the idea of having no gender at all is something that simply boggles my mind. That being said I wish to emphasize that just because I cannot understand something means it is inherently in and of itself harmful. If someone genuinely believes they have no gender that in and of itself has no effect on me or anyone else. If someone asks politely for me to address them by some term other than “him” or “her” as a polite individual myself I see no reason why I should not.

However, when this goes beyond indulging the personal preferences of individuals and instead translates into wholesale social engineering – such as banning skirts and other gender specific clothes or insisting on calling mothers “pregnant people” or advocating for mixed gender changerooms and washrooms – a very different situation emerges. Human beings are ultimately social creatures. We take our cues from our environment, and when it is one that actively seeks to erase and hide differences between genders (indeed to essentially deny they exist) it is perfectly understandable that this will bleed over into the thinking of individuals themselves and their own actions and perceptions.

For my part I very much would like to see gender differences, and the associated roles and traits associated with them, not decayed but reinforced; society has functioned upon them for most of our history and I make no bones about the fact that many of today’s modern ills stem from the decline of traditional concepts of masculinity and femininity. Personal choice should always be respected of course but it’s undeniable that society functions best when men are men and women are women (even if the people in both categories may have been born into the other one).

Civilization is a very fragile thing. If you doubt this read a history book. Tampering with the foundations of it should only be done with great caution and good reason. Doing so simply to accommodate feelings strikes me as rash to the point of self-indulgence. Everyone should have a right to think of themselves however they wish, but that right ends the very moment you begin to insist the world around you change itself to accommodate those thoughts.