The world is a messed up place. If you acknowledge that, congratulations, you’ve taken the first step in the right direction. We’ve all grown up hearing the same spiel: modernity good, the past bad. Enlightenment values are wonderful, tradition is evil. Yet somehow when you look at the world today it is easy to see that all is not well. Terrorism, war, economic uncertainty and social upheaval are in every direction. The single minded and hedonistic pursuit of pleasure has been elevated above all else, yet life is pleasure-less. We have been essentially freed to do anything, yet we are more constrained than ever before. We are told we are now equal, yet it seems we are only equally miserable.

The first step towards a cure is acknowledging the disease. Rediscover faith where before there was only faithlessness. Recognize you have a history, so therefore you have a future. Speak the truth, when before you only listened to the lies. Free your mind, and you also free yourself.