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The Walking Dead’s Negan: A Review

With the seventh season of “The Walking Dead” having come to a conclusion it is worth considering how a television show set in a world plagued by an outbreak of the undead has pretty much stopped being about zombies in any meaningful way. Despite having undoubtedly served as the primary antagonists for the first number of seasons, the Walkers (as they are referred to by the characters of the show) have almost been entirely relegated to the background at this point; occasionally a few zombies will pop up and momentarily threaten the lives of one of our protagonists only to be easily dispatched  but for the most part they have disappeared from the narrative of the show. Instead, the main villains of “The Walking Dead” have become other survivors. Read the rest of this entry »

There Is A Case For Trump’s Syrian Bombing, But Beware

In a way, the world should not have been as shocked as it was by the news that President Trump had ordered the launch of 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airbase in retaliation for Bashir Al-Assad’s chemical weapons attack in Idlib province. Trump’s most consistent characteristic is that he is totally inconsistent; he’ll spin on a dime without the slightest warning and generally has no core principles beyond an instinct for sensing weakness and exploiting it. This unpredictability has been my biggest and most longstanding reservation towards Donald Trump, especially in the realm of foreign affairs. Is it really so surprising that he would do a complete 180 on his entire Syria policy? Not especially. Read the rest of this entry »

2017 Masculine Resolutions #4: Stop Buying Stuff

Materialism is simultaneously both the life blood of modern liberal democracy and the cancerous tumour devouring it from the inside. Simply put acquiring ever more “stuff” is the worship of atheists and the strip mall is the temple of the godless. The motto of the modernity is bluntly “More! More! More! Now! Now! Now!” and the mentality of it can easily be recognised as having led to many of our modern day problems from the financial crisis to the slow building debt binge that will likely spark the next one. We want stuff, we want stuff now, and we’re literally willing to mortgage our futures to get it. So those men looking to improve themselves in the year 2017 would be well served to listen to this piece of advice: stop buying stuff.  Read the rest of this entry »

Dubai: The Godless Mirage of Capitalism

A friend of mine recently shared an article from the Independent with me on Dubai which (especially by the standards of the Independent) was quite excellent I must say. Despite being quite long, I found I could not stop reading it as the expose (which admittedly was a few years old) delved into history of Dubai, a city that was quite literally came from nothing out of the desert to become essentially a wealthy state built upon slave labour and the money of the Western super-rich. The more I read, the more I realised that the points raised by the article could transcend the city-state of Dubai to the broader world itself. Read the rest of this entry »

Marine Le Pen Is No Reactionary

Being a quarter French on my mother’s side, I like to keep abreast of goings on in France. By now everyone should be aware that a Presidential election is under way, and that for the first time ever the Front Nationale party has a better than impossible chance of actually winning. Polls consistently put the FN candidate, Marine Le Pen, out front in the first round of voting, and while she is expected to lose the second round in a world where Donald Trump has become President of the United States nothing can truly be discounted.  Read the rest of this entry »

2017 Masculine Resolutions #3: Go to Church/Synagogue/Mosque/Temple

I’ve previously written on my own progression from avowed atheist to devote Catholic, and I won’t bore you with the details of it by repeating them. I will say that my progression from one to the other has been a tremendous boon to my life. Religion gets a very hard knock these days. At best it is barely tolerated by the powers that be, in a manner similar to a drunken uncle who is still invited to Thanksgiving dinner because he is family but whose soon to be demise to silently welcomed by all the other parties concerned. It should be seen as a surprise then, that religion is undergoing the beginnings of a revival. Church attendance is up, particularly among the young. The question is why. Read the rest of this entry »

The Attack On Manhood & Femininity

A recent bit of minor news I came across was that the RAF would no longer allow servicewomen to wear skirts as part of their uniform while on parade. The reasoning behind this being that the decision would make the air service more accommodating to transsexuals. Apart from inspiring some jokes about how the more obvious solution would have been for homeland of kilts to simply allow servicemen to wear skirts this affair quite neatly encompasses what I find most odious about transrights activists, the attempt to go beyond asking for acceptance of gender fluidity and instead erase gender differences altogether. Read the rest of this entry »